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Thing 12 – putting the social into social media

I love social media. Not all of it. Well mainly Twitter and blogs if the truth be told. I tolerate FaceBook because I co-run our Library FB page (but I am getting so tired of the inane re-posting of graphics and photos in my news feed).

The advantages (given in this post) and my thoughts.

Social networking can lead to better communication

This is probably the point I have the most problems with. I do agree that I have met people through social media that I would never have met IRL – Australia is a big place, and the spread of people is really around the coastline and it’s a huge coastline 🙂

But better communication ? I guess the thing I worry about is the quality of communication. I noticed a change this year on my birthday on Facebook- quite a lot of friends opted to ring, text, email me instead of just writing on my wall (which is, after all, a pretty easy thing to do). Don’t get me wrong- I loved the messages on my FB wall- I just wonder if people would bother if it wasn’t so easy??

It creates a more collaborative working space where people are encouraged to share their ideas.

Definitely like this. I have asked questions on Twitter and had speedy and varied replies. Social media is a great place to share and ask questions.

It aids in building online communities.

Again yes- I share in a vibrant and great online library community mainly through Twitter but also blogs

Social networking can also provide easy access to other areas of the profession.

Again yes- in contact with not only academic librarians, but many librarians and others who work in a range of libraries or who are library academics…

Do I interact or do I lurk?

I lurk a bit. Honestly, sometimes it just depends on how I am feeling.

Do I stay in my comfort zone or do I go outside it?

Mainly in my comfort zone I think.

If I am reluctant, why is this so?

I follow lots of funny, bright, smart people. Lots of high achievers! A lot who are doing higher study, speak often at conferences. I guess I sometimes feel I don’t have enough wonderful or different to offer?


Thing 3 – consider your personal brand

This is really interesting stuff and something I have thought about for a while now.

I tend to be fairly open on social media, not open as in personally embarrassing, but open as in, “I am Kate – and you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and my blog etc”. There are certain things I don’t like.  FaceBook is one.  I have my account locked down quite a lot, I am not on FaceBook to befriend as many people as possible, and I tend to keep a low profile in FaceBook and not post pictures. But I do use Facebook and in fact maintain my library’s FaceBook page – so I am *in* it all the time – well sometimes it feels like it!

When I google myself I get the usual suspects on the first page – links to Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, LinkdIn, Slideshare and FaceBook (not me in FB though – just people with my name!), so I am OK with that. I use a range of photos and descriptions to advertise myself – I could probably be more consistent though in that regard.

Interesting – on Twitter just now and one of my tweeps said – would love an app that updates my photo in all social networks – great idea!!

things to do: I should update my LinkdIn profile. I maintain that because I am not actively looking for work, then I don’t need to bother – but as it is – it’s a little vague and could say more about me? After all, it’s out there, so it may as well be a great representation of me?

I have found lots of similar people- I love Twitter for that reason.

From the links:

Manage your brand as a librarian – ” Now your brand is a sum total of everything about you from  your activity in social media, listservs, blogs all the way to what you say in meetings, conferences, publications, etc”

Personal branding for new librarians – well I am not new but, ” First, think about how you want to be perceived and where you want to go with your career. Then start with your strengths and grow organically. If you write, blog – or publish in traditional media! If you’re a social media wizard, get out there on Twitter and Facebook. If you present, do SlideShare. If you schmooze, go to all the conferences you can. You won’t be able to be active everywhere, and your initial choices might not be right, but you’ll learn what works for you. Your personal brand is not a static thing, but an evolving relationship you have with the world. It will take work at first – surprisingly much work – and there’s a learning curve, but once you start succeeding there’s a tipping point”.

Controlling your public appearance: “The best thing about being an active blogger is that stuff gets buried by repetitive blogging” !! True. I also likes – expect unexpected audiences, and “Write blog comments as though you’re writing your own blog” and finally “But above all else, seriously, create a public Internet identity, maintain it, link to it, build it, love it, hug it, and call it George” !

How to ruin (or build) your personal brand: This resonates with me! – “Follow your passion; be yourself – Be authentic, both about your passion and about you as a person. Authenticity is critical, especially in online channels where one example of a lack of authenticity can hang around for a long time.”

Be open- Be a resource. See I’m self conscious, and worried I have nothing to contribute. But I share other great content along the way and learn.

Link all my social media presences better??

Visual – link my social media better?

Lots to think about.