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Thing 11 – mentoring OR “I don’t fit!”

Mentoring – maybe this is why I don’t do this PD that well….have I ever had a mentor?

I don’t think so in any official sense- but I think I have had lots of informal mentors along the way.

BUT- is that good enough?

I don’t think so…

and the conclusion to the post on this says just that!

“In short, do try to find a mentor.  At any stage of your career, reaching out to people you admire and seeking their counsel is immensely rewarding and beneficial.  You will find that if you cultivate a good mentor, it is likely that one day in the future you will in turn ‘pay it forward’ and generously give of your time to a fellow librarian seeking advice and traction in this rapidly changing world of librarianship”.

This IS something I need to think about, but it all goes with the …where am I going in librarianship conversation…and at the moment I have no answers…..