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Thing 4 – current awareness: Twitter, RSS and Storify

I love Twitter! I do…I have been on Twitter for a few years now – again a mix of personal and professional. I also manage my Library’s Twitter account. The amount of interesting stuff I get through Twitter and my RSS feeds (I used to use Netvibes, I now use Google Reader) is just gob smacking. I feel so connected with my profession. I am over the fact that I cannot keep up with everything, but I have so many lovely relationships though my PLN expanding through (mainly) Twitter!

I have read a little about information overload, but honestly I do think it’s probably a lack of filter, and my way of procrastinating? This is interesting – The fallacy of information overload , where Brian Solis says:

As Clay Shirky once observed, “There’s no such thing as information overload — only filter failure.”

My take? “Information overload is a symptom of our desire to not focus on what’s important.” It’s a choice.

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I have only just started looking at Storify but like its possibilities as far as using blog posts, images, FB etc in one story…