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Thing 5 – reflective practice or a whinge??

Reflections of lamp on the side of the piano

Reflective practice- some notes

  • review – recall it
  • learn – evaluate it
  • apply – apply it, take some action

combine action with learning

analyse a given scenario, how could it be improved, what could I learn from it?

reflect both during and after…

a cycle – plan>review>do>plan>review>do etc

journaling or blogging as a reflection and as a record – don’t rush it, pick the time and place, start with the everyday stuff, doesn’t have to be a drama

I would like to reflect on my work over the last week or so.

I am struggling with a range of deadlines

1/ all on the same day I have (2 are for the one conference, and the other is for something completely different being held on the same day- the timing is extraordinary – but I have the Conference Dinner as my reward in the evening, and hopefully a nice new dress and some dancing!!!)

  • conference presentation in mid July – 25 mins
  • conference workshop in mid July – 2 hours
  • lunchtime presentation at conference in mid July – 15 mins

2/ videoconference presentation end of June – 20-30mins?

3/ major report into …. due end June. This is the big one. I have written some of this and done lots of research, but I am stuck. I think I need to start writing again?

4/ ongoing work – my work involves social media for my Library, trouble shooting access to resources, blogging, meetings, desk shifts (not many)

I know I am procrastinating! Even doing my 23 Things for PD is one of the ways I am procrastinating, although I figure at least this one is work related!!

People joke and say- procrastinating oh that’s when the house is the cleanest it has ever been – well that used to be the case more so when I was studying- the house is cleanish now- but it is more just a freezing of brain activity, a – “I have so much on that I don’t know where to begin….so I won’t begin anything” type of mood.

Dangerous stuff. The days go by. There is a lot in my head, I am writing lists, I am trying to break it down into chunks, I have people who can help with some bits.

So what is stopping me?

  • I think it’s a bit of everything.
  • Overwhelmed
  • Tired- recovering from a head cold
  • Busy
  • Too much on

Did you really want this rant?

Am I being reflective in my practise?

Well let’s just try and work through some solutions.

A list, yes a chart of what I will do over the next month. This just has to be done.

I will do that this afternoon and document chunks of work that I need to complete. I have to remember that I need to do these chunks in with my normal work- but I have the support of colleagues and I can just turn off email sometimes, so again- I just need to do this.

Some of this needs further clarification.

My paper for the conference is written, but I want to update it – it was submitted late March and I have put other reading aside to complete and update the presentation. I am co-presenting- and my colleague has started the actual prezi- and we need to talk through this- I need to organise time to talk to her- we work 1200km away from each other!!

It all can be done. And chunks is a good way. So let it all begin.

I am not sure if this is reflective practise or just a whinge and a call to action??

I guess the action part is good??

I did like the presentation on ‘journaling and reflective practice‘ – this stuff does resonate with me, and I do like to write/blog/journal!- (and using exclamation marks!)

I need to make sure that this reflective stuff is deep not shallow?

Reflective practice sits quite well with my personality…