Thing 19 – catchup/reflect

It’s interesting as I read the *thing 19* post and think about this particular 23 Things journey (my first program as such although I have facilitated four 23 things programs at my workplace over the years!).

I think one of my slight problems with this program – which is great – I like the emphasis on PD – is that I don’t see myself in a strategic position moving jobs and seeking a career as such.

Late to librarianship – I have been a librarian for approx 9 years, and at 51 – anticipate that I’ll be working for at least another 10 years. I love my workplace. I have had heaps of opportunities, and hope I have a heap more. I do keep an eye out for other jobs, but it’s more to see what sorts of jobs are around. I haven’t been for an interview for six or seven years – which does worry me a little as I worry that if I was to need an interview I would not be very competitive?

But I digress a little….

I used to be a much more prolific Tweeter – but find whole days just pass without me really engaging in Twitter. An d so many of my PLN are there….have I just lost my mojo momentarily??

I do want to explore Prezi more as I am sure I could use it more (and not depend on the kindness of others).

I am quite aware of my online presence and my online community and am still exploring – (in a small way) some way to get a local group happening (and not step on other very established groups…).

I am certainly getting more involved in presenting at conferences, and certainly being more strategic in this regard – ie – a lot of the projects I now work on are linked directly with a view to publishing or presenting.

I am very aware that I have not really engaged with this program. I don’t feel I have time to read other participant blogs- and I know that that is an important part.


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