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Thing 12 – putting the social into social media

I love social media. Not all of it. Well mainly Twitter and blogs if the truth be told. I tolerate FaceBook because I co-run our Library FB page (but I am getting so tired of the inane re-posting of graphics and photos in my news feed).

The advantages (given in this post) and my thoughts.

Social networking can lead to better communication

This is probably the point I have the most problems with. I do agree that I have met people through social media that I would never have met IRL – Australia is a big place, and the spread of people is really around the coastline and it’s a huge coastline 🙂

But better communication ? I guess the thing I worry about is the quality of communication. I noticed a change this year on my birthday on Facebook- quite a lot of friends opted to ring, text, email me instead of just writing on my wall (which is, after all, a pretty easy thing to do). Don’t get me wrong- I loved the messages on my FB wall- I just wonder if people would bother if it wasn’t so easy??

It creates a more collaborative working space where people are encouraged to share their ideas.

Definitely like this. I have asked questions on Twitter and had speedy and varied replies. Social media is a great place to share and ask questions.

It aids in building online communities.

Again yes- I share in a vibrant and great online library community mainly through Twitter but also blogs

Social networking can also provide easy access to other areas of the profession.

Again yes- in contact with not only academic librarians, but many librarians and others who work in a range of libraries or who are library academics…

Do I interact or do I lurk?

I lurk a bit. Honestly, sometimes it just depends on how I am feeling.

Do I stay in my comfort zone or do I go outside it?

Mainly in my comfort zone I think.

If I am reluctant, why is this so?

I follow lots of funny, bright, smart people. Lots of high achievers! A lot who are doing higher study, speak often at conferences. I guess I sometimes feel I don’t have enough wonderful or different to offer?


Thing 6 – online networks

Interesting list of online networks here for this *thang* 🙂

I am on LinkedIn – and I have noticed they have really stepped up their social media/marketing/hassling you in the last year or so. I am a member of a couple of groups- ALIA and now 23Things for PD – but not sure if I want another avenue for this sort of info. I guess if I was looking for a job I might be more interested in LinkedIn – not sure?

I am on FaceBook also- have been for quite a while- but am feeling increasingly annoyed with Facebook as they seem to change privacy settings and other settings. I know I should make time to change my feeds as I am getting really over people just pasting witty (or not) sayings, photos etc. I am not really interested in FB for lots of things- I don’t want many photos there.

I am worried that all these things are becoming a little splintered and specific?

I need to be in FB for a few reasons – I maintain our Library FB page- so need to be in FB to do this! I like keeping up with a few friends, more acquaintance really and a couple of pages that are really active in FB (for instance the Canberra Punk and Beyond page….a little bit of my past!) and ALIA – the Australian Library and Information Association for you northern hemisphere people.

My online network is Twitter more than anything. I admit that I don’t always tweet about work, but a lot of my fellow tweeters are great library or library connected people and I gain so much from them. I also love following the twitter stream when there are conferences or meetings that I cannot be at. A lot of people that I follow on twitter are my influencers, people I like to hear from and about…what are they reading, what are they saying? I probably don’t give a lot to those conversations though- and perhaps that is where I need to think about how I am using Twitter and what do I want out of it. I certainly have connections and a great personal learning network – PLN.

I love Instagram for photos- love it- and am using this to post my daily photo for 2012 (and also onto Flickr).

I have also joined Pinterest and quite like this as a place to put the visual, the quirky, the colourful – but again, somewhere for photos, another place for other visual, another place for professional type stuff. I feel a little scattered at times!

a photo…I love collecting photos of stencils and street art- mainly taken around Canberra.

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