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Thing 17 – Prezi, Slideshare

I really like Prezi.

I recognise the limitations and the fact that you can get quite dizzy from it- but it’s a wonderful, wonderful tool to use for presentations!

I have given presentations at conferences using Prezi- although it has been my wonderful co-presenter who has designed the Prezi (with input from me- but I am not great at using Prezi).

Having said that I think it’s really because when I first started using Prezi I was thinking of it just as an alternative to PPT and not as a different type of present a story – so I think the words in this post –

“The main thing to bear in mind when experimenting with Prezi is to step away from a linear presentation style, this will allow you to dance around your subject, drawing commonalities and contrasts from different elements of your topic. There are some great online guides which will help you, and I suggest you have a look a these, but there is no better way to get a grip on Prezi than to get your hands dirty”.

I was definitely thinking linear and I do need to dirty my hands more with this! Definitely. And they kep adding nice cool features like a fade in and some nice icons, like Twitter 🙂

so, I’m a fan!!

And I’m also a fan of Slideshare 🙂

I recommend Slideshare to colleagues as a great place to get ideas.

I have never thought about it as a place to put a visual resume, but I do like the idea…there are just key points, key details and a lot of nice pictures, and a way to contact the person – so all up, simplistic? but effective?

Would I use? Perhaps…..

I also like ‘infographics’ and I do like the idea of using infographics to get key points or ideas across …