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Thing 21 – Promoting myself: applying and at interview

This is a really hard one for me. I haven’t had a job interview in about 5 years and not sure when the next one will be….I have recently had a job reclassification which meant an increase in my HEW (Higher Education Worker) level,  this without interview or application.

But what are my strengths, how can I capitalise on my interests?

I have jokingly said before that if I could get a job listening to ABC Radio National all day I would be incredibly happy.

I also love the idea of combining librarianship with food – healthy cooking, food,  recipes – but how?

Strengths stem from interests. Definitely! 

I am good at organising and planning and detail and recording. I am loyal and very hard working. I love project work. I read widely. I come up with ideas. I am impatient when processes mean that I cannot act in a nimble, agile way.

I haven’t updated my CV in years….I know I should keep it current, and in fact- that should be something that I do. I DO have an updated PIQ- position information questionnaire that lists my job and what is involved…that IS a useful document as well as the position description statement. Both are useful and I would definitely use if I were to apply for a job. Will I apply for a job ever, not at all sure?

I love my workplace, but my career prospects are limited on this campus, and I cannot travel to other campuses. Most of the time I am happy in my work, my workplace, and very energised!

Interviews – I do generally perform fairly well at interview. My previous experience was helping people get interview ready, so that helps. I do know how to prepare for interview. I am well aware that I do tell people to go for interviews for practise. I am terribly out of interview practise 😦

Where does this all leave me?…I should update my CV. I feel a bit like a dinosaur…..not ten years yet as a librarian, but over 50…ssshhhhhhh! Happy at work.