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Thing 9 – Evernote

I signed up to Evernote about a year ago – a colleague recommended it, and I used it for about a month while I was travelling for work.

I’m not sure.

I just don’t know whether it’s something I need. I use diigo for my bookmarks and I can access that on my phone and on any laptop/computer that I can access –  so do I need Evernote?

I do note that

This is a really useful tool for bringing together everything that you look at on the web as well as drawing together photos, notes and text from various sources to one location, easily accessible from a variety of devices.
This year I have used Evernote for a lot of group work since we can all sign in and sync our work.  We have found that Evernote is a much more flexible tool than Google Docs.
so I am wondering whether it might be a good one to use instead of Google docs – so will consider this instead. Later on this week I have to start a doc compiling some resources for a workshop that I will be running in a couple of weeks- should I used Evernote instead of Google Dcos I wonder??