Thing 20 – The Library Routes Project

I think this is a great project – The Library Routes. It is the sort of thing I think I would have been really interested in years ago when I first started studying my Library degree.

I love stories and the narratives around why people end up where they are.

I suppose I have been very lucky with my library career- things have kind of fallen into my lap and I been able to take advantage of situations and have been given many chances and opportunities which I am very grateful for.

I wanted to add my story to the Library Routes wiki – and although I tried to add my lines twice (and both times the preview showed my information with the correct link and everything) it didn’t ever show on the wiki- and I am a bit sad about that- and not at all sure why.

I haven’t had a lot to do with wikis- and don’t find them the easiest things to sue…so I am feeling like a great big fat fail with this one…

Anyway- here is my story, journey, pathway and I’ll try the Library Routes wiki again this week when I am not feeling quite so inadequate! Although that’s been an interesting learning experience as I am currently facilitating a 23Things program at my workplace – with 41 participants, and understand from doing this *thing* how inadequate you can feel when things don’t work out…..

argh, grrrr, insert expletive here……

**Update- 9 minutes later

I check my email- I haven’t confirmed my registration with the Library Routes wiki! Ah ha I think- that might be the problem.

I re-enter my details for the Library Routes wiki- I am in such a rush- but then I spy the info at the top- please enter blah blah blah so we know you are not a robot.

So much for my attention to detail you say….

Success – at last.  Huzzah!!!

Meant to also say – this is a great post – New professionals – get hold of a Library organisational chart and start plotting your path


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