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Thing 14 – Zotero/ Mendeley/citeulike

(I started this post in August!!) It’s interesting isn’t it. I work in an academic library that pays for EndNote and RefWorks and there are so many great free products that do a fantastic job of managing references etc.

So I am going to look at Mendeley.

I am preparing a proposal for some green initiatives at my workplace for 2013, so will use Mendeley to store them.

22 October – well things got the better of me and I am very far behind in all of this. It’s worrying to say that I haven’t wanted to blog about Mendeley because I haven’t spent a whole lot of time on it. Certainly I have been storing my references for this particular project – but that’s all. I haven’t been very sophisticated in my discovery of this at all.

The one thing I have noticed about Mendeley is that it IS desktop based, and I am not always at my desktop! Sounds obvious, but it’s been learning for me!

And it has been worthwhile seeing another bibliographic management resource – and there are several that people can use if they don’t have access to EndNote and RefWorks. In fact, even if people can access EndNote or RefWorks – these are all good options.

The difference is in support. My workplace does support EndNote and RefWorks which means if staff/students have queries – we do help out. Not sure how much support we can offer if someone has a Mendeley query, although I am confident in helping out a little and knowing that there are probably heaps of online forums and support to help.

I don’t offer EndNote/RefWorks support in my job – I only do a 3 hour desk shift in the Library a week, but we have a great EndNote guide and a RefWorks guide as well (RefWorks is new and hasn’t been rolled out officially at my workplace).

So realistically all I am doing here is ticking this one off. But I do know about it!!