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Thing 23 – what next?

I certainly know that I didn’t really connect with anyone much on this program and that is such a shame.

I felt so rushed that I hardly ever read any other posts – my main aim was just to get through in the end!

I think that this is a great program for those starting our in the profession or thinking of even starting out….

This is what I said in post one – “I saw the CPD23 2012, and just thought – “this is for me!!” – so very happy to be involved. I like the international flavour of this particular program, the chance to try a few new *things?*, and the opportunity to connect, engage with even more library folk” :)

I admit that I didn’t get the international flavour that I hoped for, not the fault of the program at all, merely the way I approached it (and the fact I hardly ever read other blog posts ).

I have a fairly good idea about my gaps and my strengths. Life, librarianship! is is a road, a journey – and I love that there is always something to learn and engage with and in.

Thanks for a great program!

But I especially loved the early things- I looked at some of the tools and technologies that I have used before in a different light and that is good!!