Thing 15 – Getting involved

Thing 15: Attending, presenting at and organising seminars, conferences and other events.

I have a training background. In another life I was a staff trainer in the public service (civil service in the UK) for a few years. I prepared and delivered training. Since working as a librarian (8 years now) I have again been involved in training – completing a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment  and have been involved in preparing and organising training and presenting in a variety of forums. But writing papers and delivering at conferences is a bit of a new ball game for me.  But I have done it this year!!

I decided that I wanted to get more involved in this sort of thing – good for my development, and this year presented at the ALIA Biennial

This was a great experience – I was able to present the paper with a graduate of the program utilizing Prezi, Xtranormal, some polling and it was very well received. What I didn’t do was present a peer-reviewed paper – and this is something I would like to work on in the future.

I do a lot of project work in my library role, and our underlying goal in all of our projects now is to have a one of the results – that we sub,it a paper for publication or present findings at a conference. I think this is a really useful aspiration!

I am also presenting a poster, with a 7  minute presentation at the next ALIA conference in Brisbane, Australia in February 2012 – Information Online .

And yes- there is that dilemma about what to talk about…but I do agree with:
“You may well be wondering what on earth you could speak about. I’m strongly of the opinion that if you’re working in a professional way – evaluating your services and modifying them in the hopes of improving them, you’ve probably got something to speak to others about..”

That is a great start! How often do you go to talks and conferences and think…’we do that’ or ‘we do that differently and it would be useful to tell people about it…’

It’s partly a mindset.

We are actually looking at this whole area as a project at work…sort of doing a 23Things on writing abstracts, writing papers, presenting at conferences, writing grants.

And I love Ned Potter- and pretty much anything he writes about!!

And if you cannot get to conferences, get onto twitter and follow the hashtag….Twitter is just great for conferences, talks, events!!

*26 October postscript – also meant to say- a Twitter lib friend has a bit of a mantra – she only goes to conferences that she has been successful in presenting at…which is a good way to look at it (although for some of us it would mean a long time between conferences  😦  )


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