Thing 10 – qualifications in librarianship

It’s interesting to see how things are done in the UK. I do like the idea of traineeships and the charterships program.

In fact, our Australian librarianship experience looks a little thin compared to all of this? Career pathway diagram from ALIA.

Here is a list of the ALIA librarianship courses. ALIA is the Australian Library and Information Association – our professional association. There has been a move away from undergraduate courses over the last ten years. There is now an emphasis more on postgraduate library courses.

ALIA does provide a PD scheme for professionals  something I have not taken up, as I can’t clearly see the benefit for me? My PD seems to come through Twitter and following blogs and online these days.

This post needs a lot more time and thought. I confess to just doing an awfully quick job, just to get this post up…but will go back to this. I always knew that librarians in the US did postgrad quals after doing some other college degree, and certainly the path to librarianship in the UK is different again (and looks to be really interesting!).

You can read the short version about my path to librarianship – which was not really considered or strategic or planned at all…merely me taking up an opportunity….

I was lucky enough to do a graduate year after my studies which was fantastic, but it is not the norm and in fact I was the first to do a graduate program with my particular employer for years and years.

I guess this shows a little the paths to librarianship. They are so individual and varies (as people are), but I guess my main concern is that I didn’t even think of librarianship until quite late. Perhaps we still don’t sell the career to people??


2 responses to “Thing 10 – qualifications in librarianship

  1. Also interesting for us in the UK to learn about what’s happening in other countries.

  2. strawberriesofintegrity

    No worries.
    I should say that the PD scheme run by ALIA does mean that you can become a Certified Practitioner and recognised by the profession, but I not sure if that has much standing? I don’t think I have met anyone who has done the PD, got certified and then found this useful in job hunting or career progression? Perhaps I am being disengenious, but I consider that I do lots of PD. I don’t record it as such nor have I applied for recognition or joined the PD scheme.

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