Thing 8 – Google Calendar

Look I think I love the idea of Google calendar.

I am a heavy user of other G* products, gmail and google docs – but I use Outlook for work and that is synced to my phone and it works – so why would I want another calendar??

So….I thought- what if I sync my Outlook calendar to Google calendar – would that work? So I googled it….and I followed these instructions, and now my Outlook is synced to my Google calendar  – so we’ll see!

I guess if I don’t have my phone on me but access to the internet and needed my calendar, I could confidently go to my gmail and go to my Google calendar – so yes – a win of sorts! And of course- like Google docs I can share this calendar with others!

I do like the idea of using the calendar for the Library although we use the lovely Springshare LibCal for our Library calendar of training and events and also for the Library opening hours for each of our six campus libraries.

Happy to have explored this option as it is something I could recommend to others.


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