Thing 7 – real life networks!

My real life professional network is ALIA – the Australian Library and Information Association.

I have to say that each year when I get my renewal for membership I wonder whether I should renew as a personal member as my workplace has an institutional membership (and it’s about $300 a year, which is tax deductible!)

My experiences?

I am a member of a couple of ALIA groups:

But I don’t feel incredibly connected with my professional association I have to say. I read the online monthly magazine. I read about the PD although I haven’t joined. And each year as it comes around I wonder whether I should do it again? The cycle starts on 1 July, so I guess I’ll be having that internal conversation again very soon.

I probably engage more with them through ALIA FaceBook and through Twitter?

What I am trying to do is get more involved on a local level, through the ACTive ALIA group. I have recently been on a working party that developed a symposium on ‘Value of Libraries’ that was held on 31 May. We are having a meeting again to keep the momentum going from the day. I do feel more connected with that group and enjoyed the networking.

What I think I don’t need at the moment is more real life networks! But I do need to develop the real life networks I have…..but to what end?


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