Thing 2 – investigate other cpd23 blogs

This was an interesting *thing* for me to do, because I had a look at the delicious list and decided that I would look at limiting to HE (higher ed) and Australia, but soon realised that that was extremely limiting. That narrows the list at the moment to me and three other people! I did this program partly to meet more people and network wider 🙂 I am not doing that by being so restrictive.

I have contacted, well commented to the other three Australia, HE on the list… (but a UK blogspot address?), Jenka in Queensland and Forever Learning 2.0 also in Queensland. Like me, looks like they all might be a little late coming to this program, so off to find more people…

I have also visited (I don’t want this to sound like homework!) :

  • Library Confessions – love the blog name- that got me in!
  • Fredonboard – clearly I am shallow- again I liked the name and the avatar that appeared. How friendly and welcoming!!

I have blogged personally for quite a number of years – and love the freedom it gives me, the opportunity to get stuff down. I know that my blog is one of several billion blogs in the world- but I am OK with that. My brother died last year and blogging my thoughts and feelings during his illness helped me get through in some small way.

I set up this professional blog quite a few years ago also- but never used. The few times I have blogged professionally on my personal blog I have enjoyed (and I know that quite a few of my professional colleagues read my personal blog) but I haven’t felt the need to blog as a librarian (what does that say about me? well I follow a lot of library blogs and love them, just not sure what I can bring to library conversations…??)

As I said I do follow a lot of library blogs- my Google reader is chokkas (=full) with them. I regard them as a significance source of information and also fun!


3 responses to “Thing 2 – investigate other cpd23 blogs

  1. Thanks for the shout out for Library Confessions!

  2. Hello, I only just spotted that you’d commented on my blog when I was doing something last night. My apologies for not replying sooner. I called my blog fredonboard because when I set it up in 2008, I was living on a narrowboat with a cat called Fred. The cat in the photo on my blog is Fred’s successor, called Bumble. Chartership is a scheme created by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, CILIP, in the UK, and is basically a nice term for a portfolio of documents to demonstrate that you are dedicated to CPD and can prove that you know what your organisation does and how you support it in your day-job:
    Does that answer a few questions?!

  3. strawberriesofintegrity

    Brilliant- thanks Eli- I know that I could have googled, but nice to have an answer from a practitioner!

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